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On August 7th, citizens who are provided fire and EMS emergency response services by South King Fire & Rescue will be asked to vote on an important funding measure.


What is the lid lift levy?

A lid lift is a voter approved measure that permits the Fire District to collect more than the 1% per year limit imposed by Initiative 747. 

Why is the lid lift necessary?

The fire levy has fallen to $1.43 from the allowable $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value.  As the community has grown, the Fire District is responding to more calls daily.  Over a 5-year period, calls for 911-emergency response have increased 24%.  Lifting the lid allows the Fire District’s revenue to increase above 1% per year, but no more than 6% as necessary to keep up with growing costs and the demand for service. 

What does it fund?

Annual operational costs include, personnel, maintenance, equipment, fuel, dispatch and radio fees, supplies and more.

Have the citizens of Federal Way & Des Moines supported lid lifts before? 

The answer is yes! Prior to the recession, the Fire District ran lid lifts regularly between 2001 and 2007 to fund emergency response operations.  Due to the high cost of running elections, SKFR ran a multi-year lid lift in 2007.  It was approved by voters and was in place through 2016. 

What is the cost?

If approved by voters, the 7-cent lid lift would return the fire levy to $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property valuation.  This equates to $21 per year or $1.75 per month for the owner of a $300,000 home.

Use the King County Tax Transparency Tool  to estimate the cost on your home value. Note: This tool is provided by King County, not by SKFR.  It should be used for estimation purposes only.

How long is the lid lift in place for?

If authorized, the lid lift will be in place for 6 years, 2019-2024.

Please vote August 7th and remember ballots in King County can be mailed for free now!