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Outdoor Burning
Prohibited Fires
Residential burning, which includes burning yard waste and land maintenance, bon fires, and land clearing fires, were banned in our area in 1989. The State determined that sufficient alternatives are available in urban growth areas and have eliminated this type of burning altogether.

Allowed Fires
Campfires in designated fire pits at recreation areas such as Dash Point and Saltwater State Park are allowed without a permit. Recreational fires are allowed in the South King Fire & Rescue response area and subject to several rules; 
Fires must be small, No larger than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height
If the fire is built directly on the ground it must have 50 feet of clearance all around
You can only burn seasoned dry wood. No branch trimmings, No lumber or trash
If smoke from your fire bothers the neighbors you are required to extinguish it.

Smoke From Fires
You are responsible for the smoke from your fire. If smoke from any outdoor fire impacts or unreasonably interferes with the use or enjoyment of property, it is a nuisance and you must stop burning. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency defines nuisance smoke as follows: odor is distinct and definite, any unpleasant characteristics recognizable. Check the wind direction before burning to help determine that the smoke from your fire will not create a nuisance for surrounding or adjacent property.

Call Before Burning
Before burning call 1.800.595.4341. This is a 24-hour recorded message line that will provide information about air quality burn bans.

More Information About Burning
Additional information about outdoor burning can be found on the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency website or contacting them at 1.800.552.3565.